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Slitter Scorer (BKG-SSS)

  • Can divide paper, cut sides and press mark indication simultaneously
  • Capable of producing single, double or more series of corrugated cartons
  • Fitted with four sets each of cutting and creasing knives
  • Hard Chrome Plated shafts
  • Manual wheel for adjustment
  • Economically viable structure with convenient operation
  • Effective Designed Speed: 150 metre/min
  • Effective Designed Width Range: 1400mm – 2500mm
  • Fitted with Frequency Controller Device
  • Clean cutting edge with the help thin blades and manual and automatic grindstone.
  • Four Blades with six lines and five blades with eight lines are custom tailored accordingly.
  • Convenient paper transmission with the help of Pre-Compressed Paper feeding
  • Motorized Lifting, lowering and transverse movement