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A better performance on the after sales service provides the competitive edge to the company. BKG is well known in this segment. The company has always strived hard to provide a better communication channel in order to reduce the lead-time between transportation, identification and repairs. It has accepted the challenge of operating at the peak capacity by introducing the concept of "One Contact Point" in which all the different segments of Gears, Shafts, Gear Boxes, Corrugating Rollers, Corrugation Plants, Single Facers and other Box Making Equipments are available for sales and repairs from an integrated and a unified source. The service provided by BKG to its customers has made the company a Global Leader in the respective league.

  • Our relationship with the customer begins long before the placement of order and continues far beyond the installations of products manufactured.
  • We are there to advice and assist our customers before, during and after a purchase.Our sales department encourages free flow of communication so that the product is developed as per the customer's specifications and requirements. This is of major importance when rollers with particular flutes needs to be manufactured. Our customers rely on us to advice them on the Best Flute Performance with respect to productivity.
  • We provide assistance in planning, installation, training, cost-effective usage, trouble shooting, maintenance and upgrading of Corrugation Packaging machinery and other Box making Equipments.
  • We have special maintenance programs pertaining to all our products specially Industrial Gears, Gear Boxes and Corrugating Rollers in which our technical engineers visit theclient's factory onperiodic basis in order to advice them about the methods of enhancing the product's life cycle.
  • Perfect Co-ordination of our support and technical teamwith our technicians, engineers and maintenance staff, makes our service as prompt as possible.


BKG is the only company to provide dedicated service network through its skilled workforce and well distributed repair centres. At BKG, we repair and overhaul all types of Heavy-Duty machinery, Corrugation plants, Industrial Gears, Shafts, Gear Boxes, Box Making Equipments and other engineering structures for the Industrial and Packaging Sector. The repairs and maintenance department at BKG provides innovative and rational solutions to the customer specific jobs.

We manufacture and repair various other custom tailored products on Job Work Basis (JWB) to satisfy different requirements of our clients. We invest majorly in our R&D segment every year in order to develop innovative and economically viable products for the engineering industry. In the event of any technical difficulty, you can rely on us to get your machinery back into operation as quickly as possible in order to avoid production losses. Our technical engineers provide on site solutions in order maximize the efficiency of the production processes.

We are always there to assist you in all kinds of mechanical issues pertaining to Corrugation Packaging as well as any Heavy Duty Industry.