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Pre-Heater (Simple/Duplex/Triplex)

  • Effective Diameter of Pre-Heater Drum- 400mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1100mm.
  • Effective Width- 1200mm-2500mm
  • Wrap Roll is fixed for low and medium speed corrugation plants. However, it is motorised for high-speed plants.
  • Chrome Plated and Polished Pre-Heater Drum surface.
  • Butterfly Head design to ensure sufficient heating
  • Electric Control of the heating area. Range of electric wraps angel 50-270 degrees.

Spam Bridge (BKG-SBS)

  • Transfers paper from single facers to suction brake stand.
  • Effective Designed Speed- 150-200 metre/min
  • Take up device is controlled by individual gear motor and the variation in speed is directed through Frequency Drive
  • Heavy Duty structural steel set up
  • Electrical control of operational plates
  • Safety rails and staircases provide operational safety.
  • Effective Designed Width- 1200mm-2500mm
  • Effective Designed Speed- 150-200 metre/min
  • Effective Designed Width Range: 1200-2500 mm
  • Fitted with Speed Controller in order to have proper synchronisation with the production line
  • Electro-motor to align the width of the corrugated paper
  • Vacuum control system in order to provide the enhanced fluting quality
  • With two sets of head panel, operations can take place on the bridge as well as on the control system of the Double Baker