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BKG- IS0 14001 : 2004 Certified Company: An active Social Member BKG is an ISO 14001 Certified Company. We are very passionate about our work. However, we are equally concerned for safeguarding our environment. ISO 14001 Certification is the best example depicting such efforts. We at BKG fulfill all the necessary social and environmental responsibilities. Thus, we enjoy a well-established Corporate Image over our competitors. All the sensitive issues with respect to effluent discharge, waste management and utilization of natural resources are in compliance with the environmental regulations. We operate within the specified norms issued by the certified bodies and organizations. We at BKG, organize periodic tutorial sessions to make employees and other stakeholders aware of the company's concern for environmental issues.


BKG has been involved in manufacturing of Industrial Gears, Shafts, Gear Boxes, Corrugating Rollers, Corrugation Plants, Single Facers and other Box Making Equipments for over 5 decades now. This depicts the level of experience and expertise in the Corrugation Packaging Industry, which makes the company a market leader in the respective segment. High level of Employee Satisfaction and Loyal Customer Base are our Core Competencies and this has been only possible due to the effective relationship between management, employees and our customers.

BKG- Custom Tailored Products: At BKG, we will find the product solution, which best satisfies the need of the customer. Our products are custom tailored and are specific to the individual parameters. We believe that being a part of the Indian Manufacturing Fraternity, it's our duty to serve the nation with advanced technology which is not only economically viable but also serves the interest of local masses.

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